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Renewing your membership online: Frequently Asked Questions

As you might have heard, or read in our June issue of Connexions, members paying with a credit card or through their bank can now renew online through My College Account.

Annual membership renewal is an important process the College uses to interact with Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) and ensure that everyone using the professional designation is competent, ethical and able to practise safely according to the College’s Code and Standards.  

The purpose of this article is to help answer some of the questions the College has received surrounding the new online membership renewal process.

How do I access My College Account?

There are two points of access to My College Account. Access point one is the email you will receive, two months prior to your renewal date, with a link to set up your password and access your profile. The second point of access is from the College’s homepage on the website where the link to My College Account is located in the top right corner.

Do I need to set up a My College Account?

For existing members, the College has created an account for you already. If this is the first time you are renewing, your password will be emailed to you two months prior to your renewal date.  

If you are a new applicant to the College, then you will create a new account in order to register and become a member.

What is my username?

Your username is the email address that you have on file with the College. When you arrive on the log in page for My College Account, you will be asked to provide your username and password. Enter your email address and the password you’ve created (if you have done so already).

Where do I get my password from?

Two months prior to your renewal date, you will be sent an email with a link to My College Account and along with your password. If you would like to access your My College Account before receiving the renewal email, go to the College’s website and access My College Account from the home page. When you get to My College Account, click on “Forgot Password” to be sent a link to your email that will allow you to create a new password.

Where can I find my renewal date?

There are two locations where you can find your renewal date. The College’s Public Register of Members can provide you with your renewal date as can your profile within My College Account under the “renewal” tab.

What is involved in the renewal process?

There are five sections of the online renewal form that must be completed:

  • Member information – contact information, employment information, eligibility to work in Canada, communication preferences and your preferred language.
  • Confirmation of the Document Review and CPL
  • Issues Affecting Practice
  • Acknowledgement
  • Payment

How do I add my “Primary Place of Employment Business Name”?

In order to select your place of employment from the menu, search using the postal code with a middle space. For example:

Correct A2A 2A2 Incorrect A2A2A2

If you’re having trouble with the postal code search, alternatively, you can search using the first two words of the business in the “Company” field instead.

How do I answer the questions about my eligibility to work in Canada?

You are only required to provide documentation if your eligibility to work in Canada has changed since your last renewal. If you are unsure if your eligibility has changed, be sure to refer to the Eligibility to Work in Canada section of the Renewal Guide for more information.

If it has changed, please answer “Yes” and upload your new documentation. If your eligibility has not changed, then please answer ‘No”.

How do I submit my application form? What happens if it doesn’t work?

Once the form is complete, you can submit your renewal to the College. Please note that the “Submit” button is located at the bottom of the form on the left-hand side.

Your renewal form will not be submitted if you missed one of the mandatory questions. If this happens, navigate the various sections and look for the red asterisk.

Once your form has been submitted, you will receive a message on the screen telling you that your submission was successful.

How do I receive my receipt?

Following the review of your renewal submission and once payment is received, your receipt will be emailed to you.

Please note that the College is working to update this process so that your receipt will be online via My College Account, however, in the meantime receipts will be issued via email.

Have additional questions about renewing?

These FAQs can also be found on the College’s website, along with the Membership Renewal Guide.  If you still have questions, you can contact the College at:

T: 1 888 961-8558 E: