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September-October Discipline Decisions Summary

The Discipline Committee hears matters regarding allegations of professional misconduct and/or incompetence. When it makes a finding of guilt, a summary of its decision and reasons must be published in the College’s newsletter, Connexions, as well as on the College website and CanLii.

Rehana Islam


Suspended Rehana Islam’s Certificate of Registration (registration number 48942) for a period of four months.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations on the Member’s Certificate of Registration that includes mentorship.

Contribution of $5,000 towards the College’s prosecution and hearing costs.

Agreed facts: Rehana Islam (the “Member”) was employed as a Registered Early Childhood Educator at the Charlottetown Blvd. Child Care Centre (the “Centre) in Scarborough, Ontario. The Member was supervising a group of children on a bus who were being transported to the Centre.  Upon arrival to the Centre, she failed to conduct a headcount to ensure all children had disembarked. As a result, she did not notice that one child had been left on the bus, which then left the Centre.

The bus driver, noticing the child was still on the bus, returned to the Centre to drop off the child.

A following incident occurred in which the Member left a child unattended in the washroom. The Centre then terminated the Member’s employment.

Finding: The Member was found guilty of several acts of professional misconduct (Ontario Regulation 223/08), including that she failed to supervise adequately a person who was under her professional supervision, she failed to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment, she failed to know, understand and abide by the legislation, policies and procedures relevant to her professional practiceand she acted in a manner unbecoming of a member.

Penalty: The panel directed the College’s Registrar to suspend the Member’s Certificate of Registration for a period of four months and to impose terms, conditions and limitations on the Member’s Certificate of Registration, including mandatory mentorship sessions. In addition, the Member was required to contribute $5,000 to the College’s prosecution and hearing costs.

In its decision, the panel found that the evidence supported findings of professional misconduct.

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