Registration Renewal

Avoid Delays! Membership Renewal Processing Tips

April to July is peak season for membership renewals because more than 25,000 registered early childhood educators (RECEs) renew their College membership. Below are some tips to help minimize processing delays for your membership renewal.

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1. Download and save the renewal form to your computer

Submitting a blank form is the #1 reason why an RECE’s renewal form is incomplete. To avoid submitting a blank form, download the form, save it to your computer, and close your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). Re-open the form saved on your computer and complete it. Don’t forget to save frequently.

2. Review all information before submitting your form

All sections of the renewal form are mandatory. If any section is incomplete, it will result in processing delays. Before submitting your form, take a moment to review each section to ensure you have provided all the required information.

Use the renewal guide for answers to frequently asked questions related to completing the renewal form.

3. Keep your acknowledgement email as proof that the College received your form

After you submit your renewal form, expect to receive an email acknowledgement from the College. Forms sent to the College by email will receive an immediate autoreply – this is your acknowledgment of receipt. The College will send an acknowledgement email to members who submit their renewal form via mail. Please check your junk and spam folders before contacting the College to confirm your renewal form was received.

The acknowledgment email sent by the College is your proof that we have received your renewal form, and that you are in the process of renewing your membership with the College. If you don’t receive an acknowledgment email from the College, send an email (with your full name and membership number), to confirm that we have received your renewal form.

Important reminder: renewal confirmation and receipt

Once your membership is renewed, you will receive a confirmation email from the College. Included in this email is your membership receipt. During peak season it can take eight to ten weeks to process renewals. If you don’t receive a confirmation email after this time, send an email to the registration department. Please check your junk and spam folders before contacting the College to confirm your renewal was processed.