Discipline decisions
Professional Regulation

September Discipline Decision Summary

The Discipline Committee hears matters regarding allegations of professional misconduct and/or incompetence. When it makes a finding of guilt, a summary of its decision and reasons must be published in the College’s newsletter, Connexions.


  • Suspend Xinai (“Cici”) Qin’s Certificate of Registration (registration number 50338) for seven months
  • Terms, Conditions and Limitations on Certificate of Registration that includes mentorship
  • Contribution of $1,000 towards the College’s prosecution and hearing costs.

Agreed Facts: Xinai Qin was responsible for supervising a group of kindergarten aged children. On one occasion, Qin left a child unattended in the child care centre while she was in the playground.

On a second occasion, Qin was unaware that two children had left the child care centre unattended for 40-45 minutes. The children stopped at a park, and crossed two roads. Qin only realized the children had been gone when a parent returned them to the centre.

Finding: A panel of the Discipline Committee found Qin guilty of multiple violations of the professional misconduct regulation (Ontario Regulation 223/08). Of particular note, Qin was found guilty of failing to supervise adequately a person who was under her professional supervision.

Penalty: The panel directed the College’s Registrar to suspend Qin’s Certificate of Registration for seven months. In addition to the suspension, the Panel directed the Registrar to impose terms, conditions and limitations on Qin’s Certificate of Registration, which includes a requirement for Qin to enter into a mentorship relationship with an RECE mentor, pre-approved by the College. Qin was also ordered to contribute $1,000 towards the College’s prosecution and hearing costs.

In its decision the panel stated, “The Panel finds this is a reasonable and measured response to what appears to be a continuing and escalating problem within the profession.”