Keep you info up to date with the College

Don’t Miss Out! Keep your Information Updated with the College

Moved? Got a new phone number or email address? Changed jobs? You are required to send the College your updated contact information within 30 days of a change. The College needs to be able to reach you throughout the year for various professional reasons. As well, you could be missing out on important College communications and valuable new resources to support your professional practice.

Reminders and Notices

Throughout the year, mail and email notices are sent to you. These include reminders that it’s time to renew your membership or notices if we haven’t received your renewal. For your Continuous Professional Learning (CPL), you’ll receive the handbook in the mail, as well as email reminders providing guidance on tracking and completing your professional learning cycle.

Access to New Resources

As a College member, you have access to useful resources such as Practice Guidelines, Connexions, the Code and Standards and CPL resources. By keeping your information up-to-date, you won’t miss receiving resources that support your professional practice.

Invitations to Free Webinars

Keep an eye on your email to receive invitations to free live webinars featuring experienced subject matter advisers on a wide array of professional practice topics as well as informational sessions on topics like continuous professional learning.

Keeping Your Information Updated

Updating your contact information with the College is easy. Email the Registration Department or send your updated information by mail to the College with the following information:

  • full name
  • registration number
  • updated email, mailing address and/or phone number

For other important updates such as your employment information, eligibility to work in Canada or your personal information (i.e., name change), complete the Change of Information Form available on the College’s website and send it to the Registration Department by email.