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An update on the regulation of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in Ontario.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) has been given the authority to regulate Behaviour Analysts in Ontario. This is expected to take effect when the Psychology and Applied Behaviour Analysis Act, 2021 is proclaimed.

RECEs and others who use behavioural techniques in their practice may continue to do so, as long as they do so in accordance with the College’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

However, anyone who wishes to identify or use the title “Behaviour Analyst” must register with the College of Psychologists, even if they are already registered with another regulatory body. If you are or you wish to identify yourself as a Behaviour Analyst, you must register with the CPO, once the new registration requirements are finalized. If you wish to use the RECE title and designation and/or you are practicing within the scope of practice of early childhood education, you will also need to maintain your registration with the College.

Further information can be found on the CPO’s ABA Portal, which includes answers to FAQs and a Self-Screening Tool designed to assist practitioners in the field of behaviour analysis, therapy, or intervention to determine if they will need to apply for registration with CPO.

If you have additional questions regarding the ABA regulation, please contact the College at [email protected].