Person taking notes on a notebook with laptop in front. Text displays “Council Meeting Highlights”.
Connexions Council Office of the Registrar

Highlights from the April Council Meeting

Council meets four times a year to oversee the College of Early Childhood Educators’ (College) activities in regulating the profession in the public interest.

Here are highlights from the meeting held on April 6 and 7, 2022.

In the spotlight

    • requirements of the CPL Program, including the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program as a new educational requirement as of July 1, 2022 and the simplified one year portfolio cycle;
    • order and timelines for completing the requirements, including the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program;
    • records that members must keep; and
    • consequences of non-compliance with the CPL Program.
  • Council approved a statement of Goals and Objectives for the College’s new five-year Strategic Plan (2022-2027). The development of the plan has been informed by broad stakeholder consultation. The 2018-2022 strategic plan focused on the evolution of the College (policy and process improvements and technological infrastructure) and the profession (emphasis on professionalism and leadership). The 2022-2027 strategic plan will build on that work, as the pillars of the plan will be proactive public protection and collaborative leadership and engagement.

Good to know

  • Council approved two new policies to replace existing policies related to registration: 1) the Individual Assessment of Educational Qualifications Policy replaces the existing Policy regarding Assessment of Educational Qualifications of Applicants under section 7.1.iv of Registration Regulation; and 2) the Policy regarding the Consideration of Alternative Documents replaces the existing Policy regarding Unavailable Documents.
  • Council thanked a number of Council members whose terms are due to expire for their dedication and commitment to regulation of the profession in the public interest.