College Statements

College of Early Childhood Educators welcomes the passing of the Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act

Today, the Safe and Supportive Classrooms Act was passed.  This legislation amended the Early Childhood Educators Act (ECE Act) to provide that all acts of sexual abuse lead to mandatory revocation of a member’s Certificate of Registration. The College welcomes this change, which demonstrates that the government shares our position of zero tolerance for sexual abuse of children.  

The vast majority of Ontario’s 53,000 Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) are caring professionals who uphold the ethical standards of the profession and devote themselves to the well-being and development of children. There is no place in this profession for individuals who abuse that position of trust.

The government has also proclaimed provisions of the ECE Act that will lead to funding for therapy and counselling for children who have been sexually abused. The College supports and is preparing for implementation of those provisions.

To further enhance the safety of children and well-being of RECEs, the College continues to request that the government proclaim sections of the ECE Act that would provide the College with the ability to obtain appropriate medical evidence and recommendations in cases related to incapacity of members. We look forward to continuing to work with government to protect the children and families of Ontario.