Person taking notes on a notebook with laptop in front. Text displays “Council Meeting Highlights”.
Connexions Office of the Registrar

Highlights from the April Council Meeting

Council meets four times a year to oversee the College of Early Childhood Educators’ (College) activities in regulating the profession in the public interest.

Here are highlights from the meeting held on April 4, 2023.

Changes to Council and Committee membership

  • We welcomed Leigh Duncan as a newly appointed public member of Council.
  • We welcomed back Adesua Ezeokafor as a re-appointed public member of Council and re-appointed her to the Finance and Audit Committees and the Discipline and Fitness to Practice Committees.
  • Find out more about the role of Council and Committees on our website.

In the spotlight

  • Council approved an amendment to the College’s By-Law No. 1 (General) to add a notation to the public register where a member shares the same name or other identifiers with one or more current or former members. This will help distinguish these members and avoid confusion when members of the public search the register.
  • The College is legally required to maintain a public register so that the public has access to relevant information about the RECE they are dealing with. There are over 5000 profiles in the public register that contain the same first and last name. The new notation will alert users of the public register that they may need to verify the identity of RECE in question to be sure they’ve located the correct individual.
  • You can find the College’s by-laws on our website here and you can search the public register here.

Good to know

  • Council approved a proposed Temporary Class of registration. This was prompted by amendments to the Fair Access to Regulated Professionals and Compulsory Trades Act passed in December 2021. The amendments create a regulatory mechanism for the College to register members of the profession on an interim or temporary basis in case of “emergencies”.
  • The newly approved Temporary Class would only be used in circumstances where the Registrar has reasonable assurance that an applicant will practise as a professional in a safe ethical manner while completing the education and/or professional conduct requirement for registration.
  • The newly approved Temporary Class will be implemented once the College has the necessary supports in place, including amendments to the College’s Registration Regulation (O.Reg. 221/08) and a robust communication strategy involving key stakeholders.