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Professional Practice

First Audit Results: Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program

The College’s Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program is grounded in self-reflection, self-directed learning and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

As members of a regulated profession, RECEs, regardless of employment status, role, or setting, are responsible for completing the CPL Program requirements, which include Educational Requirements and the CPL Portfolio Cycle.

To ensure member engagement in the CPL Program, and to collect data to inform program revisions, resource development and communications, the College implemented an auditing process to review members’ CPL Program records.

The first CPL audit which began in March 2020 was paused due to the pandemic. In January 2021 this audit resumed and was completed in June 2021. The members were selected at random and represented the diversity of membership in terms of geographic district, language preference, employment type and setting, etc.

Highlights from the audit:

  • 95% of the selected members received confirmation of compliance
  • 25% of the selected members received confirmation of compliance with feedback
  • Standard I: Caring and Responsive Relationships and Standard II: Curriculum and Pedagogy were the most common standards that members related to their professional learning goals.
  • 75% submitted the portfolio electronically

Following the audit, members who completed the auditing process were invited to provide feedback to the College. Responses were anonymous.

From those who completed the survey, here’s what we heard:

When asked to provide one word to describe their reaction to being selected for an audit, the top three responses were surprised, nervous, anxious. Some other responses included great, grateful, lucky and ready.

  • 71% stated that the instructions regarding which records to submit to the College were ‘very clear’ or ‘clear’. See below a chart for other responses.
  • 54% found the audit feedback to be helpful for the next portfolio cycle.

What’s Next?

Continuing to receive feedback will be important to help ensure that CPL requirements, instructions and compliance feedback are clear and useful to members.

Due to the continued impacts of the pandemic on the profession, audits have remained on hold over the past year. Information about future audits will be communicated to members.

We encourage members to learn more about the revised CPL Program. The revamped program now includes member education on sexual abuse prevention and a simplified CPL Portfolio.

Members will have access to the simplified CPL Portfolio components and resources as of July 2022.