A smartphone with the Notice of Continuous Professional Learning Program Requirements
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Continuous Professional Learning program: What you need to know about the upcoming audit

In March, 2020, the College will begin auditing members’ Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) portfolios. Auditing CPL records enables us to ensure selected members are compliant with the CPL Program requirements, while also evaluating whether or not additional resources are needed to assist with engagement and compliance.

How often will an audit take place and who will be selected?

There will be two audit cycles per year. Members who have completed a full portfolio cycle (two years) are eligible to be selected. The number of records to be audited will be determined by the Registrar each year.

What can I do to be audit-ready?

All members are required to keep their CPL records for at least 4 years.  In the event you’re selected for an audit, you will be required to submit the following completed components:

  1. Self-Assessment Tool
  2. Professional Learning Plan
  3. Record of Professional Learning and documentation demonstrating participation in activities related to all three goals for both years of the learning cycle
  4. Reflection upon the activities, goals and learning that you engaged in and completed

Examples of learning documentation:

  • List of publications and/or online resources you have read
  • Summaries of study group discussions
  • Certificates, receipts or agendas from workshops, conferences or courses
  • Descriptions of podcasts/webinars
  • Slides, handouts or feedback from any presentation you’ve conducted
  • Samples of your work such as a parent newsletter, pamphlet, workplace policies, reports or articles
  • A journal or ongoing self-reflection and planning for growth in your practice
  • Research that you’ve conducted

What happens if I am selected for an audit?

If you’re selected, you will have 30 days to submit your documents to the College, either electronically or by mail. Original documents should not be sent to the College – if you would like to send hardcopy documents to the College, be sure they are copies of your learning records.

Your CPL program documents will be reviewed for compliance with the program and you will receive communication from the College confirming your compliance and providing feedback, if necessary.

What happens if a member is not compliant?

The College intends to take an educative approach with members who are selected to undergo the audit process.   Members may receive remedial feedback if there are portions of their portfolio that have not been completed according to the instructions in each of the three components. Examples include: goals in your portfolio that are not related to the practice of early childhood education; goals that are not linked to the Standards of Practice; or learning activities that were completed in the past (i.e. before starting the portfolio cycle).

As per the Notice of CPL Program Requirements, members who fail to participate in the audit process or the CPL program could have their Certificate of Registration suspended.

For additional resources, including examples of portfolios for RECEs in different roles and career stages, check out the CPL Resources on our website.