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Connexions Council Office of the Registrar

Highlights from October’s Council meeting

The Council of the College of Early Childhood Educators meets four times per year to oversee the activities of the College in regulating the profession in the public interest.

The following highlights are from the public portion of the Council meeting held October 23, 2019.

In the spotlight

  • Governance Review: Council has commissioned a review of the College’s governance structure. Council, led by the Executive Committee, will consider whether the College’s governance structure and practices are consistent with recognized best practices in professional regulatory governance and whether they are optimized to support the College’s mandate to serve and protect the public interest.
  • The review will be conducted by an external expert, Deanna Williams.  The areas being reviewed include the composition of Council and Committees, selection processes for Council and Committee positions, and Committee structures. The review will identify any gaps in best practices, and Council will consider any recommendations to improve the College’s governance practices.
  • Election 2019/2020: Council took steps to streamline the nomination package in advance of the upcoming elections in Districts 1 (North/North East), 2 (East) and 6 (Central West).

Good to know

  • Council President Stacey Lepine is representing the College on the Ministry of Education’s Cross-Sectoral Early Years and Child Care Advisory Group and the advisory committee to the Secretariat for the Centers of Excellence in Early Years and Child Care.
  • Council approved by-law amendments to create a new committee to administer the College’s program for funding for therapy and counselling. Once the relevant legislative provisions take effect in January 2020, the program will provide funding in connection with allegations of sexual abuse or a prohibited act involving child pornography by RECEs in the context of their practice.
  • Council approved several policy directions proposed by the Registration Committee. If implemented by government through regulatory amendments, they would focus eligibility criteria on protecting the public while removing those that add unnecessary barriers to entry.
  • The College continues to educate members about their Continuous Professional Learning obligations. The auditing process will begin in February 2020.
  • In the year ending June 2019, the Professional Regulation department of the College opened 30% more new matters than the year before. Some of the increase is due to improved information sharing from the Ministry of Education.

The approved Minutes of this meeting will be publicly available in January 2020.