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Connexions Professional Practice

New Practice Guideline on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities

The Ontario Human Rights Code guarantees the right to equal treatment in education without discrimination. To help RECEs create inclusive learning environments where all children can fully participate – to everyone’s benefit – the College has published its new Practice Guideline: Inclusion of Children with Disabilities.

This practice guideline also helps RECEs to understand the requirements outlined in the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Standard III states that RECEs should “work in partnership with children, families and colleagues to create a safe, healthy and inviting environment that promotes a sense of belonging, well-being and inclusion.”

However, educators may feel they lack the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to support children with disabilities or with diverse learning pathways.

The new practice guideline:

  • Describes inclusion, special needs and disability
  • Provides practical approaches to support children with disabilities and their families
  • Highlights the role of the child, family, community and other professionals
  • Outlines the physical, social and attitudinal barriers and supports to inclusion
  • Offers reflective questions and scenarios to support practice and collaborative dialogue

RECEs can learn more about how to include children with disabilities by downloading the practice guideline here.

Visit the College’s Resources page for more resources, including additional practice guidelines, professional advisories, case studies, and discussion guides.