Professional Regulation

Enhance your Supervision while Planning Summer Activities

Finally, those lazy, crazy days of summer have arrived. Summer means field trips to the beach or local swimming pool, nature walks and many other outdoor activities. With excited children and summer routines changing, supervision becomes even more important and challenging. It is worth revisiting professional supervision strategies and techniques to ensure safety at all times.

Increase communications with your coworkers – In between activities, talk with coworkers to ensure group assignments have been defined and understood (i.e., which children go with which staff member). By strengthening communication with your coworkers, the risk of misunderstandings or children wandering away is significantly reduced.

Conduct headcounts during transition periods – While there is always a risk of a child wandering away when a group transitions from one activity to another, conducting a headcount before and after significant movement (e.g., from inside to outside) will reduce the risk of a lost child.

Double-check for unattended hazards – Possible areas where children can hide such as unlocked doors and unsupervised spaces (e.g., shed, storage areas) are potential safety hazards for children. The heat is also a potential safety hazard for children who tend to get easily dehydrated when they play outside. During summer months, provide the children with a safe environment by monitoring them and conducting expanded inspections to include entrances and exits.

One in three concerns the College receives is related to inadequate supervision. Review the Supporting Children’s Safety through Professional Supervision article to keep up with the latest strategies for supporting your professional supervision.

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