Celebrating Early Childhood Educators

A Message from Kristine Parsons RECE, Council Chair, College of Early Childhood Educators

Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) play an important role in supporting children and families during the critical early years, and are essential to helping prepare Ontario’s children for future success.

Today, on Child Care Worker and Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, we celebrate all RECEs and the value they bring to the early years sector.

Early childhood education is education but with a care component because of the developmental age of the children. While child care has been seen to serve a need for the working parent, the narrative must include the vital importance of early education. We know that the most significant brain development happens between ages zero and five. RECEs teach children how to learn. We are there for so many important milestones in their lives.

Looking back at my 33-year career in the early years, it’s amazing to think about the many children who learned to take their first steps in my care; the number of children I’ve helped transition from the diaper stage to curious, independent preschooler, ready for more play-based learning in kindergarten. Teaching basic life skills is every RECE’s superpower. Know that you are making an impact in someone’s life, and setting the footprint for their growth and development. You are one of the most influential figures in the lives of the children in your care – this is something worth celebrating, every day.

I am deeply proud to be an RECE, and to be part of the leadership of this amazing profession on Council at the College. For everything you do, I thank you and wish you a happy Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day!


Kristine Parsons RECE
Council Chair
College of Early Childhood Educators