Person taking notes on a notebook with laptop in front. Text displays “Council Meeting Highlights”.
Connexions Council Office of the Registrar

Highlights from the June Council Meeting

Council meets four times a year to oversee the College of Early Childhood Educators’ (College) activities in regulating the profession in the public interest.

Here are highlights from the meeting held on June 14 and 15, 2023.

New Council Members

Following the Council elections held in April, Council welcomed two newly elected members: Jasmine Brar RECE (District 6) and Krista Johnson RECE (District 2). Michelle Eaton joined Council as a new publicly appointed member, and Richard Filion re-joined as a re-appointed public member.

Council also welcomed back re-elected members Lindsey Dann RECE (District 1), Laura Urso RECE (District 1), and Kristine Parsons RECE (District 6).

Council Chair and Vice Chair

Kristine Parsons RECE and Laura Urso RECE were re-elected by their peers on Council to the positions as Chair and Vice Chair of Council. They will each serve their third year in their role.

Find out more about the role of Council on our website.

In the spotlight

Council approved a revised Professional Advisory: Duty to Report. This document discusses RECEs’ obligations to report child abuse and neglect, the suspicions of harm, or the risk of harm to children under section 125 of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017. RECEs’ duty to report is directly related to the values of care, respect, trust and integrity, and to RECEs’ ability to make the well-being, learning and care of children their foremost responsibility.

Good to know

Council reviewed the College’s budget for 2023-2024. There will be no increase to member fees, which will stay at $160.