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Sexual Abuse Prevention Program – Mandatory training for RECEs

Have you completed the College’s Sexual Abuse Prevention Program?

The prevention program is a mandatory educational requirement that all members must complete. The program supports members’ commitment to the personal safety, health, and well-being of all children and empowers them with proactive approaches to help prevent child sexual abuse.

What happens if you don’t complete the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program?

If you don’t complete the prevention program, your registration with the College may be suspended for failure to comply with the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program requirements.

IMPORTANT: To check your completion deadline of the program, review the timeline here

If there are extenuating circumstances, which prevent you from complying with CPL Program requirements (i.e., parental or disability leave), you may be eligible for a deferral. Log into My College Account. Click on the Continuous Professional Learning tab and click on Start CPL Deferral Request for more information and to submit a request.

How will you confirm completion of the program?

You are required to complete all three elements of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program prior to your renewal.

The three elements include:

  1. Commit to Kids
  2. Teatree Tells
  3. College Resources to Review

The College receives automatic notifications when you have completed Commit to Kids and Teatree Tells. This information will be used to verify your confirmation of compliance with CPL Program requirements upon renewal.

Supporting resources

Although the program is designed with a focus on prevention, engaging with its content can be distressing. For some, it can be particularly difficult due to lived experience(s). Supporting resources have been designed and developed to provide RECEs with information on:

For helpful tips and support in completing the Prevention Program, please read this article.

To learn more about the Prevention Program, check out the FAQs. If you have additional questions / concerns, email us at [email protected].