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New Members: What you need to know about Continuous Professional Learning Program and the College

Welcome to the profession! As an Early Childhood Educator, you play a vital role in supporting children’s development and their sense of belonging and well-being. In collaboration with families, colleagues and other professionals, your practice will influence a child’s early learning experiences.

As a member of a regulated profession, you are responsible for completing the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program requirements every year. Before your first renewal, two educational requirements must be completed:


What is Continuous Professional Learning?

The CPL Program is an ongoing professional learning program that is grounded in self-reflection, self-directed learning and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

The CPL Program is designed to support RECEs to:

  • Enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Strengthen their professional judgment
  • Improve their practice throughout their career

It also communicates to families, colleagues and the public that RECEs are members of a distinct profession that demonstrates accountability, maintains public trust, remains current in practice and values ongoing professional learning.

The CPL Program requirements are described in the Notice of Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program Requirements.


Know more about the College

The College – established under the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007 – regulates and governs Ontario’s RECEs to serve and protect in the public interest.

The College regulates the profession of early childhood education by establishing and enforcing:

  • Registration requirements;
  • Ethical and professional standards for RECEs;
  • Requirements for continuous professional learning; and
  • Complaints and discipline process for professional misconduct, incompetence and incapacity.

Image of multicoloured tabs with icons above them. Text display in each of the tabs: Blue tab: “Registration Requirements. Green tab: “Public register”. Orange tab: “Standards of Practice”. Dark Orange tab. “Continuing Competence’. Pink tab: “Complaints and Discipline Processes”.

The College appreciates your commitment to support children’s learning and development and values your contribution to the early childhood education profession. The College wishes you well in your practice.


Keep yourselves updated:

  • Get to know our website,, in particular the Members tab.
  • For the latest program updates, resources and news that impacts the profession, follow our blogs on College Talk, social media (Twitter, and LinkedIn) and read out emails.

If you have questions, please contact the College at 1-888-961-8558 /