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Revised CPL Program Features Simplified “One Year, One Goal” Portfolio

The College unveiled last week its revised Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Program launching in July. Approved by the College Council in early April, the revamped program now includes member education on sexual abuse prevention and a simplified CPL Portfolio that:

  1. Reduces the portfolio cycle from two years to one year
  2. Reduces the number of required professional learning goals from three to one goal per year
  3. Reduces portfolio components from three to two

The Sexual Abuse Prevention Program will be available to members as of July 2022. Members will also have access to the simplified CPL Portfolio components and resources at that time for voluntary use. The simplified CPL Portfolio will become mandatory for members beginning in July 2023.

The CPL Portfolio Cycle was revised based on member and stakeholder feedback and data collected since 2017. The portfolio continues to be grounded in self-reflection, self-directed learning and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

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Get Informed Now

Take a few minutes to understand the revised CPL Program by reading the new FAQs below or review all of them on the website. 

When do I begin the revised CPL Program?

Current Members:  Those registered with the College prior to July 1, 2022 will continue to complete their current CPL requirements until their next renewal date. On their first renewal after July 1, 2022 they will begin the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program.  Their first required one-year Portfolio cycle will begin in the year following completion of the required Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (on their first renewal after July 1, 2023).

New Members: Those registered or reinstated with the College on or after July 1, 2022 will complete Expectations for Practice and the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program during their first membership year. They will begin their one-year Portfolio cycle after their first renewal date (after July 1, 2023).

For more information, please review the timeline chart here.

Do I still have to complete my current CPL Program requirements?

Yes, you will still need to declare compliance with your current CPL Program requirements upon your next renewal. For more information, please review the timeline chart here.

How can I confirm where I should be in the CPL Program?

You can access your CPL information in My College Account. Log into your account, then click on the Continuous Professional Learning tab to see your:

  • CPL Program requirement for the current membership year
  • Past compliance declarations, and deferrals, if applicable