Important information about annual membership renewals

There are over 53,000 RECEs in Ontario, who play a critical role in supporting the well-being and development of Ontario’s children. Annual membership renewal is an important process the College uses to interact with RECEs and ensure that everyone using the RECE designation is competent, ethical, and able to practise safely.

Renewal forms contain important statements from members about whether they have complied with the ongoing requirements for membership, and whether anything has occurred in relation to their practice that poses a risk of harm to children. As part of our responsibility to regulate the profession in the public interest, the College is required to review each form and follow up when additional information is required. This process is currently paper-based, making it labour intensive and time consuming. Processing time for membership renewal is currently 8-12 weeks.

Frustrated by renewal timelines? We are too, and we are working hard to speed things up and ensure that registration and renewal processes are both rigorous and efficient. This forms part of the College’s strategic priorities. The College is making a significant investment in technology which will allow us to move to a more streamlined renewal process, including an online self-service tool. RECEs can help keep the process running smoothly by ensuring that forms and payment information are complete before sending in renewals. Currently, more than 20% of all forms received cannot be reviewed because they are incomplete. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

Worried about your membership status? If you have sent in your completed form and payment your membership status remains in good standing on the public register while your renewal is being processed. The public register is updated in real time. It is the only way for members, their employers and the public to verify the most current membership information.