The importance of values
Office of the Registrar

The Importance of Values – a Line in the Sand

Drawing a line in the sand is a metaphor for setting limits, the point beyond which we will not go. It is a symbolic commitment to an ideal.

Message from Beth Deazeley, Registrar & CEO

While developing the College’s new strategic plan, we updated our statement of values. This was a powerful process as we explored, challenged, and came to a shared understanding of our values. Shared values influence everything we do, both individually and collectively. They are modeled by Council and must be demonstrated by leadership and staff throughout the College.

Values guide our decisions as well as our relationships with government, stakeholders, and members of the profession.  Values help us draw our line in the sand. They indicate the kind of organization, the kind of people, and the kind of profession that we are and that we want to be. Although times of change and uncertainty require us to be nimble, flexible, and open to creative solutions, our values guide us and that commitment sets our boundaries.

The College’s Values are:

Inclusion and Respect

  • We create and nurture environments of belonging, where diversity and differences are welcomed and valued
  • We recognize the dignity and value of our work, of the profession, and of the children and families of Ontario

Professionalism and Leadership

  • As professionals, we use our knowledge, skills and judgement for the benefit of children and families
  • As leaders, we support and empower others towards shared goals

Integrity and Fairness

  • We stick to our moral and ethical principles, making the right decisions, even when they are difficult
  • Our processes give equal opportunity to all and decisions are just and based on clear criteria

Transparency and Accountability

  • We act openly, sharing information that is clear and accessible to members and the public
  • We take responsibility for our actions, recognizing that accountability is key to self-regulation

These are our values – our line in the sand.