College Updates Strategic Priorities to Reflect new Sector Realities

College Council approved and released the College’s strategic priorities for 2018-2021 under the new three-year strategic plan, which Council developed collaboratively with input from College members and stakeholders. As the College continues its role of regulating and governing Ontario’s Early Childhood Educators in the public interest, the strategic priorities, outlined below, identify key areas of focus for the organization and the sector.

Entry to Practice the Profession

Upholding the standards of the profession means registering only qualified professionals as Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs). This priority focuses on the review of registration criteria to ensure those entering the profession meet the criteria to practise in a safe, competent and ethical manner. Other key priorities will include improving registration and renewal efficiency and examining the membership structure.

Continuous Professional Learning

Practice excellence means RECEs understand and apply the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice (Code and Standards) to their practice, participate in Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) and develop leadership skills. During the next three years, the College will provide members with new practice resources, CPL support, and professionalism and leadership resources to help them meet the challenges of a changing sector.

Professional Regulation

As a regulator in the public interest, the College will focus its next three years on addressing issues related ​to members’ fitness to practise the profession, processes supporting timely and efficient report ​and complaint processing, and identifying trends in professional regulation to proactively address areas of risk.


Creating an IT structure that supports all areas of protecting the public interest will streamline processes and enable efficiencies. The College must ensure its ongoing financial sustainability while responding to the increasing demands of regulating and supporting excellence in the profession.

Communications and Stakeholder Relations

Protection of the public interest requires effective communications with members and the public, and productive relationships with government and stakeholders. The College is committed to building relationships and enhancing members’ engagement.


Our 24 member Council, made up of 14 elected College members and 10 Ontario government appointed members, develops and approves policies regulating the province’s Early Childhood Educators. ​A focus on enhanced reporting to Council will strengthen management and oversight of the College. The Council is also committed to expanding member understanding of and participation in the Council’s important role and work.

Watch the College Talk blog for quarterly reports highlighting progress made on achieving these three-year goals.